venue 8 7000 series tablet

When you create a tablet as slim and sleek as the Venue 8 7000 series, you want to make sure the marketing is as breathtaking as the technology. So we just let the cameras roll and let the beautiful design speak for itself.

We teased the arrival of the tablet with billboards, a coming soon page and direct mail.

venue 8 7000 series billboard
venue 8 7000 series online

To capture the beauty and sophistication of the product we shot on a white acrylic surface with spotlights to create dramatic lighting and shadows.

venue 8 7000 series product photography
venue 8 7000 series product photography

To showcase how thin and light the product is we captured customers on-the-go.

venue 8 7000 serieslifestyle photography
venue 8 7000 series lifestyle photography