subaru impreza wrx

In 2002 we introduced the highly anticipated, rally-inspired, turbo-charged Subaru Impreza WRX to the United States. This campaign is squarely targeted at those who love to drive, immersing them in the experience of being in the cockpit of the WRX. Combining dramatic close-up photography and footage of the WRX with a vivid soundscape featuring the actual sounds of the car being put through its paces, the advertising captures the exhilaration of the WRX driving experience.

subaru wrx 2002 magazine ads

The three TV commercials in the campaign, titled "Rally Spirit", "Can't Touch This" and "Flying" appealed to enthusiasts as well as new audiences looking to discover the performance side of Subaru All-Wheel Drive. (Apologies about the video quality. We didn't have HD in 2002.)