latitude family

The massive refresh of Dell's most popular business laptops was no small undertaking. Using "These laptops mean business" as our rally cry we set off to redefine the category. By marrying unexpected lifestyle imagery with clever headlines we were able to create a campaign that speaks to every customer, big or small.

latitude laptop 7000 magazine ad

The Latitude 7000 series is built for executives on-the-go, so we shot in an airport to truly bring to life the idea that "Business as usual is never usual."

latitude laptop 7000 banner

The Latitude 5000 series is thin and light, so we shot in an architectural office to capture clients working between meetings, in the break room and in the hallways. Wherever inspirations strikes the Latitude 5000 series is there to bring your ideas to life.

latitude laptop 5000 banner

The Latitude 3000 series is the entry level laptop of the line but still packs a powerful punch. We shot in a small business to bring home the idea that this laptop is everything you need to get the job done without breaking the bank.

latitude laptop 3000 banner